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Professional third-party inspection

The inspector has received training and possesses 5 and more years of experience in the field of industrial product production supervision,
assisting in overseeing and ensuring the completeness of the production site.

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About us

About Moon Poem Inspection

To maintain a third-party position, and with a spirit of fairness, responsibility, and self-discipline, we strive to reduce risks for our clients.



Dalian Moon Poem Inspection & Consultation Co. Ltd. was established in 2023 as a specialized company engaged in equipment supervision and inspection for oil and natural gas industry pipeline materials and equipment products.



Dalian Moon Poem Inspection & Consultation Co. Ltd. dedicated to providing independent, professional, and efficient specialized services such as supplier evaluation, on-site supervision, third-party inspection, and technical consulting to customers worldwide.



Import and export commodity inspection and identification,
equipment supervision services, project management services,
engineering technical services, labor services, safety consulting services,
technical services, development, consulting, exchange, transfer, promotion, import and export,
sale of mechanical equipment, rental of mechanical equipment,
general installation services for mechanical equipment,
sale of labor protection supplies, construction of landscaping projects,
construction of sports facilities, domestic trade agency, goods import and export.


Moon Poetry Inspection Provide

tailored and comprehensive quality control solutions for global clients

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Through abundant practice, accumulation, summarization, and optimization, Moon Poetry Inspection has tailored specialized quality control solutions for different products and clients. The work has been refined and quantified, achieving increasing professionalism, standardization, and specialization in technical services.

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Possessing the capability of global dispatch project services, equipped with an engineer team rich in practical experience and professional systematic training, our core focus lies in efficiently managing and advancing projects. We align with the regulations of different countries and regions, offering customers a globally integrated project management solution.

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Providing global clients with a one-stop service including certification consultation, product quality inspection, performance testing, safety assessment, and technical output. With accumulated experience and thorough understanding, we offer customers forward-looking, targeted, professional, and easily implementable consulting solutions.

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Our mission is to provide you with professional, comprehensive, and reliable inspection and supervision services.

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25 May, 2023
Moom Poem

Port and Factory Supervision


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10 April, 2023
Moon Poem



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23 March, 2023
Moon Poem

Deep Blue Centrifugal Pump


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Reliable Services

Moon Poem Inspection provides third-party quality supervision services for thousands of oil and gas industry clients worldwide, covering petroleum pipelines, drilling rigs and drilling equipment, petrochemical equipment, and marine engineering equipment.

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"One-Stop" Service

Moon Poem Inspection provides "one-stop" technical services to domestic owners and engineering companies in the fields of oil and gas, refining and petrochemicals, power plants, complete equipment, infrastructure construction, and environmental water treatment projects. These services include domestic and international supervision and inspection, project acceleration, experimental testing, non-destructive testing, and arrival inspection. We offer tailor-made technical services to customers, minimizing procurement costs, reducing communication time, and enhancing supply chain efficiency.

Supervision and Inspection

Guided by product features and customer requirements, with product quality as the core, we customize inspection service plans for customers. These plans cover challenging and critical points in the production process, providing various forms of inspection such as on-site supervision and visit-based inspection. We offer customers cost-effective quality control service solutions.

Factory Expedite

Moon Poem Inspection not only ensures product quality in factories but also assists clients in progress management. This effective coordination helps factories meet delivery deadlines and fully represents the interests of clients. Through forms such as office expedite, visit-based expedite, and on-site supervision + expedite, we coordinate delivery schedules for clients, reducing the risk of delayed deliveries.

Port and Container Supervision

Inspection personnel conduct on-site supervision to inspect the quality, quantity, appearance, packaging, storage, and lifting of goods to ensure consistency with customer orders. They also ensure the "appropriateness" of packaging, enabling customers to effectively control packaging quality and reduce potential damage during long-distance transportation.

Supplier Evaluation

Unlike quality system and product certification audits, Moon Poetry Inspection's supplier evaluation focuses on the supplier's ability to fulfill customer expected orders. It targets specific products and assesses the supplier's production capability, technical expertise, quality control capability, on-time delivery performance, and HSE management capability through on-site observation, document review, interviews with key personnel, and other methods. This evaluation provides valuable insights for clients to make informed decisions when selecting and utilizing suppliers.

Drilling and Platform Services

Moon Poem Inspection is dedicated to providing specialized inspection and assessment services for owners, drilling contractors, and equipment asset owners in the field of drilling rigs and drilling platforms. We address technical, quality, and reliability issues throughout the equipment's design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, overhaul, and upgrade phases, ensuring equipment functionality, performance, and operational stability. Our services effectively reduce the overall cost of drilling rig procurement, manufacturing, operation, and market access.

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Welcome to Dalian Moon Poem Inspection & Consultation Co. Ltd.

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